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'Best Seller' Love and Respect book


Dr. Emerson Eggerichs wrote this 'best selling' book that has

transformed marriages all over the world.

Our REFRESH course is based on these two principles;

Love that she most desires and Respect that he desperately needs.





The Language of Love and Respect book


Dr. Emerson will help you discover how to crack the communication

code with your mate.








Who's Got Your Back book


Matt Loehr wrote this book to help couples find other people to

bring into their life who love God, marriage and family.


Marriages don't thrive on their own. This book will guide you

how to get into a deeper community of healthy people. 




Discovery Cards

Matt and Pam Loehr created this creative communication tool to

spice up your date nights. With over 200 questions, Discovery Cards

will help you communicate in a fun, non-threatening way. It's simple;

grab a few cards and go ona date. You both ask and answer the

questions on the cards. They are designed to enhance your conversations

and connect in a way that takes your relationship to a deeper level as

you discover more about each other.


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