Certified Mentor Kit (Shipping includes: #1 L&R Marriage Mentor Guide)
Certified Mentor Kit (Shipping includes: #1 L&R Marriage Mentor Guide)
Certified Mentor Kit (Shipping includes: #1 L&R Marriage Mentor Guide)
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* Includes access to the online certification course and one (1) marriage mentor guide.

Become a Certified Marriage Mentor.  

Love and Respect and Dare to be Different have collectively launched REFRESH YOUR MARRIAGE assessment and online course. 

This course teaches couples the process of 'rounding the bases'. Some of them will need help getting un-stuck. That's where you come in. 

How to Get Certified.

Step One: Subscribe to our 'Certified Mentors Course'.  

Step Two: Receive access to 48 training videos. 

* You will receive one (1) marriage mentor guide in the mail.

Step Three: Complete the course and receive a certification document.

How to Get Connected with a Couple in Need. 

Our team will reach out to all Certified Mentors when we receive a request for mentoring. The Mentor who responds first will be paired up with the couple. 

How to Proceed. 

Each couple wanting mentored will be a subscriber to the REFRESH YOUR MARRIAGE course. The couple will receive up to 10 weekly mentoring sessions.

They will fill out a marriage health assessment prior to mentoring (identical to the Couples Survey found at DTBD's website) and watch videos of biblial teaching from Dr. Eggerichs and Matt Loehr. They'll also watch videos on how to 'round the bases'.

Certified mentors will connect with the couple weekly using Zoom. Each session should last approximately one hour. The mentors will help the mentees 'round the bases', teach them biblical principles and confront any core issues that may be present. 

Your Church is Still a Priority.

If you are a marriage mentor for your church, your priority should be serving your church first and foremost. In the event you are not mentoring a couple through your church and would like to take on a couple, we would be happy to route a couple to you if the opportunity arises. 

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