Grown Apart

A book to encourage the spouse longing to save their marriage.

It's easy for marriages to reach a point where one, or both partners feel like they have fallen out of love.

This book was written by Matt and Pam Loehr for the spouse who is feeling frustrated and defeated by the condition of their marriage. The authors want you to know that you are not alone! All relationships navigate discouragement, disappointment, and challenges. If you long to reconnect with your loved one and refresh your relationship, Grown Apart was written for you!

Grown Apart

A 52-Week Guide to Winning Back Your Spouse

This book is your guide for the journey ahead. Learn what to say, what to do, and what to pray about in this hands-on guide to draw you and your spouse together again.

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Grown Apart Makes a Great Gift

Marriage is hard and it is easy to feel like you are alone facing your struggles. If you have a friend or loved one who feels this way, Grown Apart makes a great gift. This book offers actionable items on how to win back your spouse. Covering what to do, how to pray, and which scriptures to read, this guide will help the spouse who is searching for hope and encouragement.

Meet the Authors, Matt and Pam Loehr

"Our goal is simple; we want you to have the tools to strengthen or even save your marriage. We've written this book as a 52-week study guide as a starting place where you are free to strip away the clutter that builds up in relationships. In these pages, we've written about what it means to fight for your marriage in a way that honors God. Even if you have tried other books or seminars, you will find Grown Apart has the hands-on tools and resources you need to win back your spouse."


This amazing book by marriage experts Matt and Pam Loehr uncovers how your marriage can become a doorway to a closer walk with God and each other. These reviews speak for themselves.

Loved the details to this step-by-step guide. It was not only simple to follow, but the results and benefits to our marriage were amazing.

- Sarah S.

Grown Apart was encouraging and inspiring during a time I needed it most. Anyone who has ever lost hope in their marriage needs to read this incredible book and follow the steps that are so easily laid out for us.

- Tori P.

I have personally been blessed and helped by the words of this book that will breathe hope and light in any relationship.

- Greg H.

I enthusiastically recommend this book to couples contemplating giving up on their marriage just because they have grown apart. You don't have to settle for a mediocre marriage. This powerful process helped to mold and shape our marriage into a marriage we both desired.

- Kay W.

Great book and so helpful!

- Michelle B.

This is a book that ALL couples need to read, even if they are doing good now. Easy to understand with easy instructions to follow. We really enjoyed it and it was so helpful to get a better relationship as a couple. This is a blessed book!

Belen - Amazon Reviewer


How This Book Can Help You Win Back Your Spouse

What to say

Suggestions on what to say (or not say) to your spouse

What to do

Action items you can do for your marriage

What to read

Relatable scriptures to read and meditate on

What to pray

Focused prayers for encouragement

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Grown Apart Book

How To Win Back Your Spouse

This book is for the spouse who is frustrated but knows the work required for a healthy marriage and realizes it is worth it. Don't give up on your marriage. It is worth fighting for and we can equip you for the battle to win back your spouse. Let this be your guide to point you back to God and His promises.