Marriage Mentoring

The Support You Both Deserve

Transform Your Relationship with Our Certified Mentors

Our certified mentor program is based on years of research and experience working with couples just like you. Our certified mentors will meet with you virtually once a week for up to 10 weeks. These mentoring sessions are designed to understand your unique challenges as well as provide personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your goals together. We've helped countless couples transform their relationships and experience deeper love and intimacy and we can help you too!

Plus, with each Certified Marriage Mentor purchase, you will get a free Refresh Your Marriage Course!

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Couples Who Benefit From Marriage Mentoring

Don't give up on your relationship until you've tried Marriage Mentoring

Couples who don't know where to turn.

Couples seeking unbiased support.

Couples who desire actual, tangible results.

Couples who desire biblical mentoring.

Our Marriage Mentoring Are Experts At:




Confronting Core Issues


Teaching Biblical Concepts

Ready to get the support you both deserve?

Marriage Mentoring is a smart step for couples looking to deepen their faith and strengthen their relationship. Mentoring sessions meet virtually once a week for up to 10 weeks providing the support you both deserve.

Benefits of Marriage Mentoring


Increased Love & Respect

Spiritual Growth

Negotiate Better

Stronger Family Unit

You are one click away from relationship support!

Our couples rate their marriage before and after Marriage Mentoring. Look at these amazing results based on a scale of 1-10

Average Rating for Before Mentoring After Mentoring
Happiness 3 10
Ability to Communicate 2 9
Ability to Negotiate 2 9
Spiritual Growth 5 10
Loved/Respected by Spouse 3 9.5


We couldn't have navigated our relationship challenges without our marriage mentors. This program was a lifeline for us.

- Tony and Maria D.

Jack and Mandy were amazing! They were kind, caring, inviting and encouraging. I did not feel judged, even when what we were discussing was difficult to discuss.

- Wade & Jen

Our Mentors really helped me to understand my husband better. I learned how to respect him. It also helped me relay my feelings to my husband in a way he could hear me.

- Kris R

Our Mentors showed us what it meant to love each other and how to grow closer to the Lord as well. They are such great role models for what a healthy marriage could look like.

- Steve & Judy A.

Overall our communication improved which was the best result. Also, we gained a deeper understanding of each other and a deeper love for each other.

- Michael & Julie B

We were on the verge of divorce. This was our last-ditch effort. I don't think divorce will ever again be in our vocabulary after our mentors helped us see the tools we need to build back our relationship

- Stacia & Curtis M

Our relationship was saved because of our mentors!

- Alyssa & Steve P

You're not alone!

You don't have to navigate relationship troubles alone. Our mentoring program is confidential and is a safe place to share your marital challenges. Together, with the support of your Certified Mentors, you will reignite the spark and rediscover the joy and intimacy of your relationship. You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll start to connect with your partner in a safer, deeper, and more meaningful way.

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Marriage Course

Includes Teaching Videos and a Marriage Assessment

This course and assessment is for couples at any stage of their relationship. If you and your spouse want to build a healthy future, learn practical communication skills, resolve conflict, create new relational habits, experience more intimacy and a closer connection, a marriage refresh is for you.


Marriage Mentoring

Helping Marriages Thrive

You don't have to feel alone and lost in your relationship one more day. Transform your relationship and experience deeper love and intimacy through Refresh Your Marriage Mentoring services. Our Certified Marriage Mentors will work with you as a couple to provide personalized guidance to help each of you feel supported and heard.


Discovery Cards

Deepen Your Connection Through Conversation

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to spark meaningful conversations with your partner? Are you tired of talking only about the kids, chores, and bills? Discovery Cards are designed to help you discover what you love - and like - about your partner while building trust through meaningful conversation.


Grown Apart Book

How To Win Back Your Spouse

This book is for the spouse who is frustrated but knows the work required for a healthy marriage and realizes it is worth it. Don't give up on your marriage. It is worth fighting for and we can equip you for the battle to win back your spouse. Let this be your guide to point you back to God and His promises.