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Matt Loehr, Founder and President of Dare to be Different Marriage Ministries
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How can two people who once loved so deeply feel disconnected? Are you and your spouse struggling to communicate effectively? Do you feel disconnected? Maybe you are having a hard time agreeing on anything. Good news! The Refresh Your Marriage course is designed to help you strengthen your bond and rediscover the joy and fulfillment of a Christ-centered marriage.

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Who is Refresh Your Marriage for?

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What Is Refresh Your Marriage?

Refresh Your Marriage is an easy and complete guide to uncovering the obstacles and frustrations in your relationship. Our course, assessment, and handouts use biblical principles to identify relationship issues and improve the couple's communication.

Refresh Your Marriage has a proven approach that has helped couples around the world.


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Refresh Your Marriage Course is a complete toolkit you can use to identify relationship difficulties and gain knowledge on tackling those obstacles together! Couples rave about the Refresh Your Marriage individual and combined approach. The reviews indicate couples are communicating better, understanding their partner with ease, and finding common ground after feeling disconnected for years. Check out some exciting testimonials:

We recommend this course to everyone! The assessment especially help us know where to start. Plus we learned how our actions and assumptions were affecting how we talked to one another. This course changed our lives!

- David & Jeanne H.

The Refresh Your Marriage Course was actually nothing short of a miracle in our marriage. I really felt hopeless and incredibly helpless as to how to fix it. This course was a marriage changer.

- Stephen & Melissa M.

Adam and I were considering divorce. The Refresh Your Marriage course changed everything for us. We had access to tools to help us better communicate and once we began listening we discovered we didn't need to end our marriage - we needed a refresh.

- Adam & Tara.

We had been to counselors, but nothing connected for us. The Refresh your Marriage Course and the timing of it was all by God's great design. He knew exactly what we needed and when we needed it.

- Richard & Cherie T.

This course provided biblical truth that we both needed to hear and apply. The process is done in such a genuine and caring manner and we knew we were moving in a good direction to take our marriage to the next level.

- Kyle & Courtney D.

Overall our communication improved which was the best result. Also, we gained a deeper understanding of each other and a deeper love for each other.

- Michael & Julie B

I am so much more comfortable and confident in communicating and expressing my needs and opinions when it comes to the more difficult conversations.

- Lynne & Gary D.

How Refresh Your Marriage Works

Investing in your marriage is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your spouse, and your family. Our course gives you the tools and insights you need to build a strong, healthy, and lasting marriage. Don't wait to start investing in your relationship - enroll in our course today and begin your journey toward a lifetime of love.


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Marriage Course

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This course and assessment is for couples at any stage of their relationship. If you and your spouse want to build a healthy future, learn practical communication skills, resolve conflict, create new relational habits, experience more intimacy and a closer connection, a marriage refresh is for you.


Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring Helping Marriages Thrive

You don't have to feel alone and lost in your relationship one more day. Transform your relationship and experience deeper love and intimacy through Refresh Your Marriage Mentoring services. Our Certified Marriage Mentors will work with you as a couple to provide personalized guidance to help each of you feel supported and heard.


Discovery Cards

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to spark meaningful conversations with your partner? Are you tired of talking only about the kids, chores, and bills? Discovery Cards are designed to help you discover what you love - and like - about your partner while building trust through meaningful conversation.


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