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Discover Proven Techniques for Building a Stronger, More Loving Marriage

Our program is based on years of research and experience working with couples just like you to transform their relationship and experience a deeper level of love and intimacy.

Investing in your relationship is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your spouse, and your family. Let us help you begin your journey towards a lifetime of love.

Who is Refresh Your Marriage For?

Refresh Your Marriage is a set of tools and resources to help couples in all stages of marriage. Whether couples are engaged, newly married, or have been married for years, Refresh Your Marriage provides guidance, insight, and wisdom to help couples grow in their relationship. Refresh Your Marriage is the perfect resource to help couples reconnect and overcome their challenges to create and maintain a fulfilling marriage.

Matt Loehr, Founder and President of Dare to be Different Marriage Ministries and Co-Founder of Refresh Your Marriage.

Emerson Eggerich, Founder and President of Love & Respect Ministries and Co-Founder of Refresh Your Marriage.

How Does Refresh Your Marriage Work?

With every component of Refresh Your Marriage, you'll gain the tools and insights you need to build a strong, healthy, and lasting marriage.

Refresh Your Marriage Course

Our course includes a marriage health assessment, multiple videos, and materials designed to identify and address areas to help couples better understand each other and develop better communication skills.

Marriage Mentoring

Couples are paired with Certified Mentors to help you resolve issues, provide practical tools for healthy communication and conflict resolution, while offering encouragement and hope.

Grown Apart Book

A 52-week guide to equip and encourage a spouse who is feeling frustrated from a marriage that has grown apart. This guide will equip you to fight for your marriage and win your spouse over.

Discovery Cards

These date night cards can help renew your relationship through great, insightful questions that will take your conversations to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of each other.


Faith and Values

Reconnect with each other through faith; our bundle introduces couples to the serenity of prayer, the joy of gratitude, and the foundations of shared values for lasting peace.


Discover how each of you perceive and accepts the other's personality. Learn the skills that make your differences work for you rather than against you by embracing your differences.


Dive into our program to uncover the secrets to healthy communication and effective problem solving, allowing you both to navigate in a way that you are meeting each other's emotional needs.


Refresh Your Marriage will allow you and your spouse to share your fears, hopes and parenting expectations in addition to discussing parental roles and ways of discipline that you both can agree to.


Understand the spending and saving styles of each other, while working toward a common goal that will build stability and establish a financial plan that will give you financial security.


Sex and romance is an important part of a marriage and presents many benefits for your relationship as a whole. It is critical to understand one another's sexual needs and desires in order to be fulfilled by one another.


Jack and Mandy were amazing! They were kind, caring, inviting and encouraging. I did not feel judged, even when what we were discussing was difficult to discuss.

- Wade & Jen

Adam and I were considering divorce. The Refresh Your Marriage course changed everything for us. We had access to tools to help us better communicate and once we began listening we discovered we didn't need to end our marriage - we needed a refresh.

- Adam & Tara

Our Mentors really helped me to understand my husband better. I learned how to respect him. It also helped me relay my feelings to my husband in a way he could hear me.

- Kris R

Our Mentors showed us what it meant to love each other and how to grow closer to the Lord as well. They are such great role models for what a healthy marriage could look like.

- Steve & Judy A.

Overall our communication improved which was the best result. Also, we gained a deeper understanding of each other and a deeper love for each other.

- Michael & Julie B

We were on the verge of divorce. This was our last-ditch effort. I don't think divorce will ever again be in our vocabulary after our mentors helped us see the tools we need to build back our relationship

- Stacia & Curtis M

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Marriage Course

Includes Teaching Videos and a Marriage Assessment

This course and assessment is for couples at any stage of their relationship. If you and your spouse want to build a healthy future, learn practical communication skills, resolve conflict, create new relational habits, experience more intimacy and a closer connection, a marriage refresh is for you.


Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring Helping Marriages Thrive

You don't have to feel alone and lost in your relationship one more day. Transform your relationship and experience deeper love and intimacy through Refresh Your Marriage Mentoring services. Our Certified Marriage Mentors will work with you as a couple to provide personalized guidance to help each of you feel supported and heard.


Discovery Cards

Deepen Your Connection Through Conversation

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to spark meaningful conversations with your partner? Are you tired of talking only about the kids, chores, and bills? Discovery Cards are designed to help you discover what you love - and like - about your partner while building trust through meaningful conversation.


Grown Apart Book

How To Win Back Your Spouse

This book is for the spouse who is frustrated but knows the work required for a healthy marriage and realizes it is worth it. Don't give up on your marriage. It is worth fighting for and we can equip you for the battle to win back your spouse. Let this be your guide to point you back to God and His promises.